We offer numerous events to help you take a next step in your spiritual journey, grow in your faith, or connect with others. 

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One face to face moment with God, one welcoming smile, and friendly conversation can change everything for someone. That’s why SERVING and CARING for people is so important to us, it’s one of our core values. Every week people just like you SAY YES to give of their time to change the world. Would you join them? SAY YES to being part of our team. Stop by the display in the lobby to find out more.

Pouring Out: Women’s Fall Gathering
Wednesday, August 23, 2017
7pm at Main Campus

Join us Wednesday, August 23, 7pm at the WCC Main Campus, as we gather together to be encouraged and empowered to do the work God has called us to, whether it be at home, in the workplace, or stepping into a new adventure. Our desire is to help women pursue a relationship with God, make connections, and become part of a community taking steps to grow in their faith. You’ll also learn about our different ministries, upcoming programs and events, as well as serving opportunities within WCC and Women’s Ministries. 

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Contact: Laura Robertson x217

Equipping The Church
Wednesday, September 13, 2017
7pm, WCC at Main Campus


Equipping The Church

Equipping The Church
Join WCC’s ongoing discipleship journey as we offer Course 3 and 5, beginning Wednesday, September 13. Wherever you are spiritually, Equipping the Church provides the elements needed for believers to grow in maturity and continue to build His church. Childcare provided for certain classes.

Registration opens Sunday, August 20, 2017

Course 3
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Course 5
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Contact: Sarah Neel x231

Missions Prayer
Meeting monthly 1st Sundays
after 9am service


Missions Prayer

Missions is about more than traveling to a different part of the world and helping to fix a broken building. It’s about pouring God’s love on other people and inviting them to the most important, most amazing relationship they will ever have — Jesus Christ.

Join us in the Fireside Room after the 9am service to support our missions partners in prayer. We meet on the first Sunday of each month.



Adoption Support Group
Meeting monthly 2nd Sundays
3pm at Main Campus


Adoption Support Group

Have you been involved in an adoption? Are you considering adoption? Are you a foster parent, or considering it?

We invite adoptive families, those considering adoption, anyone that cares for orphans or wants to learn more, to join us. Meeting with people like yourself that have been through the adoption journey or are exploring it, is a great way to encourage each other and share in the hope of your calling.

Our goal is to connect people with each other, their experiences, and valuable information in a setting of trust and acceptance, all to provide support, direction, and hope, as we explore the role of faith in your journey.

Meeting monthly 2nd Sundays, 3pm
WCC Main Campus, Room 241-243

Contact: Brandon Schmitt, schmitt6797@gmail.com



Cancer Support Group
Meeting bimonthly 1st and 3rd Thursdays
7-8:30pm at Community Care & Counseling Center

If you are dealing with cancer (current patients, the newly diagnosed, those in the treatment stage, in remission, survivors, their spouses and caregivers) we invite you to join us.

1st and 3rd Thursdays, 7pm 
Community Care & Counseling Center

Contact: Monna Baum at 268-0188, x102


Missions Night
Meeting monthly 3rd Thursdays
7-8:30pm at Main Campus

Missions Night

Each one of us is called to “missions.” God places us in specific places and situations so that we can draw others closer to Him. We join Him in His redemptive work by praying for and serving others. We give of our time, talents, and treasures. We intentionally build relationships with people so that they can get a glimpse of Him through us.

Join us monthly to hear from, encourage, and pray for our missions partners. We meet on the 3rd Thursday from 7-8:30pm at the Main Campus.


Men's Bible Studies
meeting at various times and locations throughout the week

Men's Bible Studies

Our desire is to help men grow closer to God and develop relationships with each other for encouragement and support. Jump in at any time...

WCC Main Campus (Rm 241-242)
Tuesdays, 7-8am
Led by Dick Long

American Table
Thursdays, 6:30am
Led by Dennis Burch

WCC Administrative Offices
Fridays, 6:30am
Led by Mark Swinger

Martin's Deli
Fridays, 9:30 am
Led by Larry Baker


Contact: Todd Gerst, x226

Young Adults
Thursday Nights
7-8:30pm at Main Campus

Young Adults

Looking for an open environment to ask questions, be encouraged, and meet new people during the transitioning years of your life? Join our NEW Young Adults (18-35) group on Thursday evenings, 7-8:30pm, at WCC for an opportunity to learn, worship, and connect. Whether you’re just out of high-school, in college or working, single or married, with or without a young family, we want to provide a fun place for you to gather, get to know others in your stage of life, grow in your faith, and make a difference in our community and world. 

Contact: Bonnie Swanson x228

Discovering WCC
Sunday, September 10, 2017

10:45am at Main Campus, Room 241

Discovering WCC

Want to know more about the church or how to get connected? Discovering WCC is a casual, one-hour class offered during the 10:45am service on Sunday, September 10. It is designed to give you an overview of the vision and mission of Warsaw Community Church, and assist you in getting to know some of the pastors, staff, and our different ministries. Got kids? Feel free to check them in to our Sonlight Children's Ministries.

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Contact: Lori Early, x219



The Quarter After
during the 15 minutes right after each service
(except for weekends when Discovering WCC is held)



The Quarter After

Are you new to WCC? Join us for “The Quarter After” – a casual opportunity during the 15 minutes right after each service when you can meet our teaching pastor at the front of the auditorium and get to know us a little better. Just come to the front of the stage after the service and we’ll introduce you. We look forward to meeting you.

NOTE: The Quarter After will not be held on the weekends when Discovering WCC is held (one weekend every other month).

Contact: Lori Early, x219