Help others in practical ways… Many of these volunteers work to keep things running smoothly – providing snacks, planning events, or pitching in during special events. These volunteers generally prefer to work behind the scenes and help others complete the work that needs to be done.

Biblical Examples:
• John Mark assisted Barnabas and Paul on their missionary journey (Acts 13:5)
• Seven men were chosen to distribute food daily to the widows in their community so the Twelve Disciples could focus on prayer and preaching (Acts 6:1-6)
• The Levites were in charge of the Tabernacle (i.e., church) – tearing it down when the Israelites moved from camp to camp, setting it back up

Women’s Ministries Food Donation
Provide food and snacks for specific women’s ministries events. Contact: Andria Crawley, x238
Women’s Ministries “Compassion & Justice” | (as needed per event)
Partner with Women’s Ministries as they serve in the community through events like the Community Kitchen, Home Help Days, and more. Contact: Stephanie Bibler at (574) 551-4423

Sonlight Sonsation Helper | (every 6 weeks, during school year)
Assist with the children during the Sonlight program while regular Sunday small group leaders gather for training and prayer. A great opportunity for parents or grandparents! Contact: Beth Fehlmann, x251

Student Ministries Youth Group Cook 
Help prepare a meal for students on Sunday nights before youth group. Contact: Leslie Lentz x114 

Student Ministries Event Chaperone 
Help prepare a meal for students on Sunday nights before youth group. Contact: Leslie Lentz x114 

Building Clean-up Team | (1x per month, ongoing)
Help pick up trash throughout the building and empty all trash receptacles. Volunteers serve once per month for approximately 45 minutes after the second service on Sunday. Contact: Robert Cunningham, x222

Program Assembly | (Friday Mornings, ongoing)
Join us on Friday mornings at the Main Campus in the Fireside Room as we meet to assemble programs for the weekend services. Contact: Amber Gelbaugh, x107

Espresso Bar | (1x per month, ongoing)
Serve made-to-order and specialty drinks in a retail coffee shop atmosphere. Strong people skills and ability to multitask and work efficiently in a fast-paced environment. Contact: Francie Harrold, x224

Grounds Keeping Team | (2x per month, through the summer)
Help mow the lawn, spray for and pull weeds, remove trash on the grounds, and other property maintenance tasks. Volunteers serve twice per month, every other Thursday, from 5- 7pm during the summer, based on your availability. Contact: Robert Cunningham, x222

Construction Projects | (as needed per event)
Put your skills to good use on projects such as general construction, plumbing, HVAC, electrical, painting, and carpentry. Work varies by need. Contact: Robert Cunningham, x222

Helping Hands | (as needed per event)
Assist people with minor home repairs and maintenance, minor auto repairs, and helping people move. Contact: Jeff Pfeifer, x104