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Weekly reading: 1 CORINTHIANS 1-5; Psalm 77-78

We don’t have a traditional devotional this week. But here are a few things to help guide your reading:

Check out The Bible Project’s overview video of 1 Corinthians. It is an excellent source for background information and context that walks through the book’s sections and themes. It can be really helpful for those who appreciate some visuals while learning.

And here’s a simple guide you can use whenever you want to dig a little deeper while reading God’s Word:


This is how to learn what a passage of scripture says.

Questions to ask: Who? What? Where? When? Why? How? What does it say? What do I notice?


This is how to accurately interpret scripture and understand what it means in the right context.

Questions to ask: What are the key themes or truths? What is the writer’s intended meaning? What is the context? What questions do I have?


This is how to correctly apply the truth of the text to everyday life.

Questions to ask: How do I apply it? What are the implications in my life? What does this mean for me?

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