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More than 350 people attended a unique Good Friday event at WCC April 7 to prepare their hearts to celebrate Christ’s resurrection on Easter Sunday. The event provided an opportunity for participants to reflect on Jesus’s work on the cross and to gain a deeper appreciation for the magnitude of His sacrifice. Participants visited seven different stations that focused on the importance of one aspect of Christ’s death on the cross—substitution, redemption, justification, propitiation, reconciliation, adoption and communion.

Several attendees shared their perceptions of the event.

“Each station gave a different aspect of the atoning work of Christ,” said Halley Krochta. “The further I went in the experience, the deeper my heart was drawn into the implications of the death and resurrection of Jesus. The experience revealed His pain, toil, sufficiency, perfection and obedience in a fresh light.”

“I learned that after I lay my burdens at the foot of the cross, they have no hold on me,” said Rachel Vaughn. “I do not need to carry them any longer. Jesus carries them for me. I also have better appreciation for the pain Christ endured to save me. It is unbelievable. Christ loves me more than I can comprehend. He sacrificed His life so I can have a place in His Kingdom.”

“The experience was beautiful and Holy Spirit led,” said Doreen Negley. “The recognition and communion stations penetrated my heart, but the substitution station where we hammered our sins to the cross was also very powerful. The constant hammering of the nails makes me wonder if He still feels the nails every time I fail?”

“My hope is that everyone who completed the walk through came away understanding the enormity of Christ’s love for humankind and His work on our behalf,” said Nate Metler, pastor of discipleship and an organizer of the event. “I also hope everyone left with a renewed sense of overwhelming love and gratitude for the risen Savior, who gave His life for us for the forgiveness of our sins.”

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