We offer numerous events to help you take a next step in your spiritual journey, grow in your faith, or connect with others. 

Join us for Easter at WCC!
Saturday, April 20 at 4 and 5:45pm
Sunday, April 21 at 9 and 10:45am
WCC Main Campus

Join us for Easter at WCC!

These days hope can seem hard to find as the world cripples us with fear. But there is something much greater than the world... Celebrate Easter with us and learn how the journey of Jesus’ life, death, resurrection, and final commands changed everything. Experience joy regardless of circumstances, freedom from comparison, and an everlasting love that is changing the world forever!

Whether you’re new to church or have been attending your whole life, our service is for everyone. We’re just glad you’re celebrating with us! Come in your jeans or a spring dress – whatever you’re comfortable in, you’ll be at home at WCC.

Saturday, April 20 at 4 and 5:45pm
Sunday, April 21 at 9 and 10:45am

Children’s programming is available for infants through age 3 on Saturday evening, and then infants through 6th grade on Sunday morning.

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We look forward to celebrating Easter with you!

PUNTO DE PARTIDA | Domingos, 9-10:15am
campus principal del WCC

Punto de Partida
Quieres profundizar más en tu fe, pero no estás seguro por dónde empezar? Te invitamos a nuestro primer curso introductorio de discipulado completamente en español, todos los domingos en al mañana a partir del 24 de marzo. Este primer curso de 9 semanas comenzará con la clase Descubriendo WCC y luego continuará cubriendo La Palabra de Dios, La Gracia de Dios, El Pueblo de Dios y El Plan de Dios. Culminaremos el curso con una CelebraciónVital completo con un desayuno ligero y alabanzas en español.

Asegúrete de traer tu Biblia y un amigo(a).

Domingos en la Mañana | 9-10:15am

Horario de Clase:
Marzo 24 y 31
Abril 7, 14, 21, 28
Mayo 5, 12
Mayo 19 - CelebraciónVital

Para obtener más información sobre Arraigado, Una Jornada de Fe Para Equipar La Iglesia, comuníquete con: Samuel o Marisa Peña, 574-268-0188 x216

The Way of the Cross
Wednesday, April 10, 7-8:15pm
WCC Main Campus

The Way of the Cross

As Easter approaches, we want to help people prepare for the celebration of Christ’s resurrection by providing an opportunity to deeply reflect on His commitment, devotion, and death. Through readings, prayer, worship, and communion we’ll examine the traditional stations of the cross as a way to contemplate the magnitude of Christ’s love for mankind and His work on our behalf. Our hope and prayer is that this evening will renew in you an overwhelming love and gratitude towards the risen Savior on Easter and beyond. Join us Wednesday, April 10, 7-8:15pm at the WCC Main Campus as we pause to prepare our hearts for Easter through The Way of the Cross.

NOTE: Due to the nature of the content and the extended times of quiet reflection, please know this will not be an engaging, kid-friendly service. Therefore, limited childcare is available for infants through 6th grade by registering online or at the Info Center.


Contact: Beth Fehlmann 574-268-0188 x251

Men’s Bible Study – Elevate
Monday nights, 7-8:30pm
April 15, 22, 29 and May 6, 13, 2019
WCC Main Campus

Men’s Bible Study – Elevate

Guys (18 and over), let’s face it, we struggle to have meaningful connections and don’t always know what to do when it comes to growing as a follower of Jesus. Elevate was designed with these needs in mind. We want to help you develop intentional relationships with the purpose of encouraging each other to become the men God created us to be. Most guys want to have some good friendships they can count on and find their true meaning and purpose in life. For this 5-week study, we will focus on practical ways to live for Christ. Yet, these will each be stand-alone studies, so you can attend whenever you’re available.

Contact: Stephanie Bibler, x225

Women’s Bible Study: Into the Deep
Wednesday mornings, 9:15-11:15am
Wednesday evenings, 6:30-8:30pm
April 17 – May 22, WCC Main Campus

Women’s Bible Study: Into The Deep

Join us on Wednesday mornings or evenings for our spring Women’s Bible Study. Sessions will include live teaching, group discussion, and time for practice and reflection. Cost is $10.

About the study: Fuller, faster, and endless – we have access to more than at any point in history. And yet our lives are racing by, while we run on empty in the midst of so much. So why the feeling that something is missing? Why the exhaustion? Are we too busy living in the shallows? This study is designed to help you quench that thirst for something more meaningful, as you rediscover how the habits and practices of our faith can provide deeper connection with each other, and a stronger relationship with our living God. Together, let’s journey Into the Deep. 

Register Now - Morning Class

Register Now - Evening Class

Contact: Laura Robertson, 574-268-0188 x217

Discovery Series
Sunday, May 5, 12, 19

10:45am at Main Campus, Room 261

Discovery Series

If you’re new or looking to get connected at WCC, start with our Discovery Series – three Sunday sessions during the 10:45am service that will give you a closer look at WCC, help you identify your spiritual gifts, and discover the many ways to get connected here. Discovering WCC gives you an overview of our vision and mission, including our beliefs and values. Discovering My Design is focused on understanding how God has gifted you and for what purposes. And in the final session, Discovering Connection you’ll be given practical steps to develop relationships in the church, as you meet others on the same journey. Childcare is available and provided through our Sonlight Children’s Ministry.

Register Now

Contact: Lori Early, 574-268-0188 x219



Young Adults
Meeting twice a month; 1st and 3rd Thursdays 
7-8:30pm at Main Campus

Young Adults

Looking for an open environment to ask questions, be encouraged, and meet new people during the transitioning years of your life? Join our Young Adults (18-35) group on the first and third Thursday of the month, 7-8:30pm, at WCC for an opportunity to learn, worship, and connect. Whether you’re just out of high-school, in college or working, single or married, with or without a young family, we want to provide a fun place for you to gather, get to know others in your stage of life, grow in your faith, and make a difference in our community and world. 

*Please note, due to a fifth Thursday, we will also meet on Thursday, January 31.

Contact: Beth Fehlmann, 574-268-0188 x251

Men's Bible Studies
meeting at various times and locations throughout the week

Men's Bible Studies

Our desire is to help men grow closer to God and develop relationships with each other for encouragement and support. Jump in at any time...

WCC Main Campus (Fireside Room)
Mondays, 6:30am 
Led by Jerry Yeager

WCC Main Campus (Rm 261-262)
Tuesdays, 7-8am 
An on-going, in-depth, verse-by-verse study of scripture.
Led by Dick Long

American Table
Thursdays, 6:30am
Utilizing the “Links Daily Devotional” and golfing illustrations to discuss the Bible and how to follow Jesus.
Led by Dennis Burch

WCC Administrative Offices
Fridays, 6:30am
An opportunity for connection and sharing how we can apply biblical truths to our daily lives.
Led by Mark Swinger
 (please contact Beth Fehlmann with questions)

Winona Lake Free Methodist Church
Fridays, 8:00-9:00am 
Study and discussion on the book of Matthew.
Led by Stan Ide

Martin's Deli (Upstairs)
Fridays, 9:30 am
Review and discussion on the week’s previous sermon and how to practically apply the message to our lives.
Led by Larry Baker 

Contact: Todd Gerst, 574-268-0188 x226

Adoption Support Group
Meeting every other month; 2nd Sundays
3pm at Main Campus


Adoption Support Group

Have you been involved in an adoption? Are you considering adoption? Are you a foster parent, or considering it?

We invite adoptive families, those considering adoption, anyone that cares for orphans or wants to learn more, to join us. Meeting with people like yourself that have been through the adoption journey or are exploring it, is a great way to encourage each other and share in the hope of your calling.

Our goal is to connect people with each other, their experiences, and valuable information in a setting of trust and acceptance, all to provide support, direction, and hope, as we explore the role of faith in your journey.

Meeting every other month; 2nd Sundays, 3pm
(January, March, May, July, September, November)

WCC Main Campus, Room 241-243

* Our next meeting is Sunday, March 11, 3pm.

Contact: Brandon Schmitt, schmitt6797@gmail.com



Cancer Support Group
Meeting once per month; 1st Thursday
7-8:30pm at Community Care & Counseling Center

If you are dealing with cancer (current patients, the newly diagnosed, those in the treatment stage, in remission, survivors, their spouses and caregivers) we invite you to join us.

1st Thursday, 7pm 
Community Care & Counseling Center

Contact: Monna Baum, 574-268-0188 x102


Warrior Women: Grief & Loss Support Group
Meeting once per month; 1st Monday
6:30pm, Fireside Room (WCC Main Campus)

Warrior Women: Grief & Loss Support Group

Ladies, are you newly widowed and struggling to learn to live without the one you couldn’t live without? What does your life look like now? What about years from now? You are not alone. If you’ve found yourself recently widowed, let us walk through the grief of our loss together, in our own time, while building a stronger faith and hope for the future. We’ll gather monthly to connect, encourage, and support each other as we discover what life looks like now. This is an ongoing group that women can participate in when they can throughout the year. We meet the first Monday of the month for a lesson and discussion, as well as social time to develop strong, biblical friendships.

Contact: Stephanie Bibler, 574-268-0188 x225



Missions Night
Meeting monthly 3rd Thursdays
7-8:30pm at Main Campus


Missions Night

Each one of us is called to “missions.” God places us in specific places and situations so that we can draw others closer to Him. We join Him in His redemptive work by praying for and serving others. We give of our time, talents, and treasures. We intentionally build relationships with people so that they can get a glimpse of Him through us.

Join us monthly to hear from, encourage, and pray for our missions partners. We meet on the 3rd Thursday from 7-8:30pm at the Main Campus.

Contact: Beth Fehlmann, 574-268-0188 x251

Interface Missions Experience
June 8 – July 15, 2019
Papua New Guinea

Interface Missions Experience

Much more than a typical, short-term mission trip, Interface is a 6-week experience in cross-cultural church planting in Papua New Guinea. Interface is for college students, married couples, singles, pastors, or anyone over 18, eager to know more about missions. It is a chance to see firsthand what it takes to plant a church among people who have no concept of the God of the Bible, learn from missionaries on the field, and spend time with tribal people.

WCC takes seriously Jesus’ command to “go, and make disciples of all nations.” We pray that He will allow us to send someone to bring His Word to a least-reached people group once again. Therefore, we will substantially support someone with a genuine interest in taking the Interface course to explore entering the mission field. To ask further questions and find out more about Interface, join us at our March Missions Night, on Thursday, March 21, 7pm at the Main Campus. Drew Scholl will share about his upcoming role in the Interface Missions Experience and how it fits into WCC’s Missions strategy. You learn even more about the Interface Missions Experience on the Ethnos 360 website.

Contact: Mike Boze, 574-268-0188 x255

Sunday Prayer
Sunday mornings
10:15am in Fireside Room


Sunday Prayer

Join us between services on Sunday mornings at 10:15am in the Fireside Room to regularly lift up specific areas of focus in prayer. The weekly topics will center on the following areas...
Week 1: Missions
Week 2: Vision, Direction, and Leadership of the church
Week 3: The Growth of WCC (our people and partners)
Week 4: Future Generations of the church (Sonlight, Student Ministries, and Young Adults)
*Fifth Sundays will be open prayer for current needs within the church at that time.

Contact: Todd Gerst 574-268-0188 x226

The Quarter After
during the 15 minutes right after each service


The Quarter After

Are you new to WCC? Join us for “The Quarter After” – a casual opportunity during the 15 minutes right after each service when you can meet our teaching pastor at the front of the auditorium and get to know us a little better. Just come to the front of the stage after the service and we’ll introduce you. We look forward to meeting you.

Contact: Lori Early574-268-0188 x219