Community Care

Community Care is made up of individuals and teams who desire to be there with you for life’s challenges and help you through the tough times — whatever they may be!

Some ways we can help:

  • Prayer Support
  • Support during Hospital Stays
    • Personal Hospital Visits
    • Assisting with Meals
    • Running Errands
    • Cleaning House
  • Homebound or Nursing Home Care Assistance
  • Grief Support
  • Minor Financial Assistance to Help With
    • Mortgage or Rent
    • Home Repairs & Maintenance
    • Utilities Assistance
    • Auto Assistance
    • Minor Auto Repairs
    • Food
  • Support Groups

If you, or someone you know, would benefit from support and encouragement during a difficult time, or have a major life event (for example, a new baby) please give us the opportunity to serve you.


Adoption Support Group
Meeting every other month; 2nd Sundays
3pm, Room 241-243 (WCC upper level)


Adoption Support Group

Have you been involved in an adoption? Are you considering adoption? Are you a foster parent, or considering it?

We invite adoptive families, those considering adoption, anyone that cares for orphans or wants to learn more, to join us. Meeting with people like yourself that have been through the adoption journey or are exploring it, is a great way to encourage each other and share in the hope of your calling.

Our goal is to connect people with each other, their experiences, and valuable information in a setting of trust and acceptance, all to provide support, direction, and hope, as we explore the role of faith in your journey.

Meeting every other month; 2nd Sundays, 3pm
(January, March, May, July, September, November)

WCC, Room 241-243

Contact: Brandon Schmitt,



Cancer Support Group
Meeting once per month; 1st Thursday
7-8:30pm, Room 31 (WCC lower level)

If you are dealing with cancer (current patients, the newly diagnosed, those in the treatment stage, in remission, survivors, their spouses and caregivers) we invite you to join us.

1st Thursday, 7pm 
WCC Lower Level, Room 31

Contact: Monna Baum, x260


Warrior Women: Grief & Loss Support Group
Meeting once per month; 1st Monday
6:30pm, Room 261-262 (WCC upper level)

Warrior Women: Grief & Loss Support Group

Ladies, are you newly widowed and struggling to learn to live without the one you couldn’t live without? What does your life look like now? What about years from now? You are not alone. If you’ve found yourself recently widowed, let us walk through the grief of our loss together, in our own time, while building a stronger faith and hope for the future. We’ll gather monthly to connect, encourage, and support each other as we discover what life looks like now. This is an ongoing group that women can participate in when they can throughout the year. We meet the first Monday of the month for a lesson and discussion, as well as social time to develop strong, biblical friendships.

Contact: Stephanie Bibler, x225