Get Connected

Welcome! And thanks for looking to get connected, whether you're just starting to ask questions about God or you'd like to sink the roots of your relationship with Him and others even deeper, we hope you find a home at Warsaw Community Church!

WCC exists to help people explore who God is, grow in their faith and relationship with Jesus Christ, connect through true Biblical community, and equip them to invest their life in serving God and others.

EXPLORE GOD – Gather together on Sunday to connect with God through praise and worship, and learn about living life from His perspective. It’s a great first step toward understanding what following Jesus Christ is all about. Check out the current teaching series we’re in right now. 

EXPERIENCE COMMUNITY – Life is better when lived in community. We know that WCC can seem like a big, busy place. So we don’t want you to get lost in the shuffle. Meet others and gather with them in a smaller setting. It’s the best way to form meaningful relationships, share life’s challenges, and care for one another. Begin getting connected through an event or specific ministry by checking out the CONNECT tab in the menu above.

GROW YOUR FAITH – There’s much more to WCC than Sunday mornings. Our discipleship courses (Starting Point and Equipping the Church) and ministry events allow you to explore your beliefs, ask questions, develop relationships, and deepen your faith. Find out what your next step might be by checking out the GROW tab menu on the website.

INVEST YOUR LIFE – We all desire significance and belonging. The sharing of one’s resources (our “time, talent, and treasure”) to serve God and others can bring a deep sense of purpose to our lives. Learn how God wired you and invest your life in something bigger than yourself by serving somewhere. Check out the SERVE menu on the website for opportunities to use your time and talents.