Equipping The Church

Equipping the Church was WCC’s ongoing discipleship program developed to help us grow in our faith, and share the hope of the gospel with others. This journey of growth encourages us to live out God’s truths, and in doing so, fulfill the Great Commission.  Whatever stage of spiritual growth you are in, Equipping the Church provides the elements and environment needed for you to grow in maturity and live out your faith.

Previous Courses:

Courses 1-7 are each a block of 9 weeks, designed to be taken in order, building on the foundational teaching of the previous course, while our electives can be taken at any time and dive into a specific topic or theme integral to growth as a disciple.

Course 1: Old Testament 1

Course 2: Old Testament 2

Course 3: The Life of Christ

Course 4: The Early Church

Course 5: Romans; Part I

Course 6: Romans; Part II

Course 7: Ephesians

Elective: Evangelism

Elective: Colossians

Elective: The Christian Life

Elective: Living Words

Elective: God's People

Elective: Galatians