We offer numerous events to help you take a next step in your spiritual journey, grow in your faith, or connect with others. 

Parent/Child Dedication Class
Tuesday, September 28, 2021


Parent/Child Dedication Class

Raising your child in a Christ-centered home has a huge impact on the foundation and formation of your child. If you would like to dedicate your child during services on Sunday, October 3, please pre-register for the class on Tuesday, September 28, 6:30-7:30pm at the Main Campus. Space is limited.

Parent/Child Dedication at WCC

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Contact: Becky Kiphart574-268-0188 x243

WCC Bible Reading Plan - 3rd Quarter
the week of September 19-December 12

WCC Bible Reading Plan 
The primary purpose of reading the Bible is not to know the Bible, but to know God.
― James Merritt

Reading the Bible Together
When we spend time in God’s Word, we’re getting to know Him. We’re also maturing in our faith. Regularly spending time together with God in His Word is such a beautiful, life-giving thing. And just as it benefits us as individuals, when we gather together as the church to commit to spending time reading and studying the Bible, something special happens. We’re able to encourage one another and grow together. 

5 Minutes a Day, 7 Days a Week
Commit around five minutes a day, seven days a week, to our church-wide Bible reading plan. We’ll have seven chapters to read each week – most weeks will include five chapters from one book and two Psalms. The goal of this plan is to consistently spend time in God’s Word. We’ll be reading various styles of books – gospels, epistles, history, poetry, prophecy, etc. Using this guide, you’ll easily be able to track your reading and follow along. And don’t worry if you get off track; you can just jump back in where we are. You can always go back and catch up when you have extra time.

Each week, devotionals will be published that correspond with what we’re reading. These devotionals will be from a variety of people participating in this church-wide reading plan. Through these devotionals, we will be encouraged and challenged as we journey through God’s Word together. 

These devotionals will be in written or video form and can be found on our website.

Do you have questions about what you’re reading? We’d love to help! Rather than relying on the first thing you find on the internet, email us at biblequestions@warsaw.ccWe are more than happy to answer that nagging question you have, provide you with some clarity, or point you in the right direction for further study.

Up for more of a challenge?
Don’t just read the chapters, use the following questions to study them:

Observation: This is how to learn what a passage of scripture says. Questions to ask: Who? What? Where? When? Why? How? What does it say? What do I notice?

Interpretation: This is how to accurately interpret scripture and understand what it means in the right context. Questions to ask: What are the key themes or truths? What is the writer’s intended meaning? What is the context? What questions do I have?

Application: This is how to correctly apply the truth of the text to everyday life. Questions to ask: How do I apply it? What are the implications in my life? What does this mean for me

Current Serving Opportunities


One face to face moment with God, one welcoming smile, and friendly conversation can change everything for someone. That’s why SERVING and CARING for people is so important to us, it’s one of our core values. Every week people just like you SAY YES to give of their time to change the world. Would you join them? SAY YES to being part of our team. Stop by the literature rack in the lobby to find out more or text SAYYES to 1-877-329-2240 to sign up.

Current Serving Opportunities 



Coffee and Connection
2nd Sunday of the Month
9:30-11:15am | upper level

Are you new to WCC and interested in getting to know the church and those that attend better? Join us for Coffee and Connection, on the 2nd Sunday of the month, 9:30-11:15am for a casual meet and greet with an “open house” feel. Enjoy a hot cup of coffee, juice, some fresh donuts, and chat with new guests, WCC volunteers, staff, and pastors. We hope to see you there!

If you have any questions, or would like to join us. Contact: Carissa Metzger, Engagement Coordinator, (574) 268-0188 x219

Discovering WCC
Sunday, November 21 and December 5

9:45am, Room 241/243

Discovering WCC

Join us for our Discovering WCC – two Sunday sessions where you'll learn more about who we are, where we are going, and how you belong. You'll hear about the mission of WCC and the importance of being in biblical community. You’ll be given practical steps on how to move toward connectedness in the church and have an opportunity to ask questions.

When: Sunday, November 21 and December 5, during the 9:45am service in room 241-243. 

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Contact: Carissa Metzger 574-268-0188 x219



Missions Night
3rd Thursday of the Month

Missions Night

Each one of us is called to “missions.” God places us in specific places and situations so that we can draw others closer to Him. We join Him in His redemptive work by praying for and serving others. We give of our time, talents, and treasures. We intentionally build relationships with people so that they can get a glimpse of Him through us. Join us on the 3rd Thursday of the month at 7pm to hear from, encourage, and pray for our missions partners. 

Contact: Erica Hart, 574-268-0188 x232


Young Adults 
very Thursday of the month 

Young Adults

Our Young Adults ministry (18-29) provides an opportunity to learn, worship, and connect. Whether you’re just out of high school, in college or working, single or married, with or without a young family, we want to provide a fun place for you to gather, get to know others in your stage of life, grow in your faith, and make a difference in our community and world. 

Young Adults (18-29) ministry will meet every Thursday of the month beginning, September 16, 6:30-8pm at WCC. *Note: Doors open at 6pm. 

Contact: Erica Hart, 574-268-0188 x232 

Growth Groups


This fall we want to invite you to make Christian community an intentional part of your life. Come find a place where you can grow and get to know your church family better. Be inspired as you come together around God’s Word and share how He is working in the world around you. 

Growth Groups at WCC exist to cultivate Christ-centered community where we can deepen our faith and be energized to share the hope we have in Him. Growth Groups are small groups of 8-12 people that meet in homes, at church, in coffee shops, and more throughout our area. They meet for 8-10 weeks at a time (each fall & winter) to focus more intentionally on building community and making disciples. There are groups available for everyone. You can expect to: spend time in prayer, dive deeper into the weekend’s messages, study God’s Word, enjoy great conversation, and just simply have fun together. Groups usually meet on a weekly basis at various times throughout the week.

Still want to be part of a Growth Group. Sign-up at MyWCC. All Groups launched the week of September 12 and end by November 21. 

Impact Assessment Survey

Impact Assessment Survey 

As we’ve been learning on Sundays, we want WCC to be a place you’re inspired, equipped, and mobilized to live life on purpose, but to do that, we need to explore the gifts and skills God has blessed us with, plus the needs, challenges, and opportunities we see where we live, work, and play.

And that’s where our Impact Assessment comes in… please take the necessary time to pray about and share your thoughts on where you (and your family) live, work, and play. PLUS, share with us the opportunities you see around to care for and serve our neighbors, coworkers, and community. And if you're struggling with this aspect of your faith, let us know what would help you engage with others God has placed in your life.

We would like every person (middle school age and up) that considers Warsaw Community Church their home church to complete the assessment separately, which should take around 15 minutes or less to complete.

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