Share Your Story ...



God is doing some amazing things in our church, community and world. People are being saved, orphans are being adopted, relationships are being transformed, and addictions are being broken. We believe that God uses stories to move the hearts of people just like He uses a sermon or a worship song.

Stories help personify biblical truth by giving real life examples of people living out those truths. Jesus used simple stories and parables to teach those around Him and communicate deep truths about God and His kingdom. Jesus knew that stories impacted people and He used these stories to speak directly to the hearts of those who heard them.

People relate to the stories of other people who are going through the same things they are going through. Stories help people to realize that it doesn't take a super Christian to live out our mission. The stories we tell help show that God uses normal, everyday people to do extraordinary things. We hope that people see themselves in the stories and can move and act on the call that God is placing on their lives, because we each play a role in His great story.

With that said, we want to encourage you to not sit on your own stories, but to share them with us. It’s as simple as dropping us a note via a connection card on Sunday, or through our Share Your Story form to let us know how God is moving in your own life. Whether it be in person, through a video, or in writing, your story has a purpose. Let God work in you and through you as He guides others with your story.