Grace and Truth
We believe that grace and truth are inseparable.
Jesus loved people enough to accept them as they were, and too much to leave them there. He never avoided the truth, but consistently presented it in a gracious and loving way. We are committed to presenting biblical truth in exactly the same manner. We feel that truth will not be heard effectively outside the context of grace, and that it is impossible to be truly gracious without teaching the truth - they cannot be separated.

Relevance and Inclusion
We believe that relevance and inclusion please God and attract people.
We feel strongly that using culturally relevant methods to present timeless truth is an effective tool for reaching people. This means we will continually evaluate and change our methods as necessary to remove as many barriers to connecting with God as possible. We also want anyone, regardless of his or her background or beliefs, to feel welcome and accepted at WCC. Relevance and inclusion were two hallmarks of Jesus' public ministry.

Worship and Teaching
We believe that dynamic worship and teaching are at the heart of life change.
Throughout history God has used heartfelt, passionate worship and clear, relevant teaching to capture the hearts and minds of people. We are committed to helping people experience God in an environment that encourages passion and intimacy with Him and openness to his Word.

We believe that the church should be led by maturing believers using their leadership gifts to further the Kingdom.
It is very clear in Romans 12:4-8 that the church functions best when all believers are serving in their specific area(s) of spiritual giftedness - teachers should be teaching, administrators should be administrating, leaders should be leading, etc. This is why specific ministries within WCC are led by leaders and the church itself is governed by appointed Elders who meet the qualifications of 1Timothy 3:2-7 and Titus 1:5-9.

We believe that servanthood is the essential mark of a fully devoted follower of Christ.
Fully devoted Christ-followers are not consumers: they are actively engaged in serving God and others by the stewardship of their spiritual gifts. Mark 10:45 says, "For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve." We must follow his example.

Authentic Relationships
We believe that loving, authentic relationships should permeate all of life.
The Bible makes it clear that life at its best happens in the context of community; a place of unity where people can be known and loved deeply. We believe this happens best in smaller groups of people gathering for the purposes of developing relationships and caring for each other.

Full Surrender
We believe that full surrender to Christ and his cause should be normal for every believer.
We believe that the principles of stewardship, servanthood, sacrifice, and the pursuit of Kingdom goals should typify every believer's life. This should be a normal response to God's grace, mercy and forgiveness. This is what happens when Christ becomes Lord of our lives.