Help us make Sonlight the best hour of your child's week!

Be sure to arrive a little early to give yourself plenty of time to register your child and escort them to their room, especially on special occasions when we may have extra children attending.

Encourage your child to bring a Bible and learn their memory verses.

The more excited you are about Sonlight and the fun they will have, the more your children will look forward to attending. They will also experience less anxiety when separated from you.

For your child to get the most out of their small group experiences, please attend the same service time each week.


You may visit/observe your children in class anytime.

Feel free to ask questions.

All volunteers wear name tags, so you can be sure that your child is with a WCC volunteer.

All weekend services are the same.

Your child may attend more than one service.

Sonlight has on-going offering/service projects.

Our “Special Friends” program provides support and encouragement to a child with special needs during regular Sonlight programming. Ask about it at the Sonlight Check-in Booth.