The Last Supper – A Time of Remembrance

The Last Supper is meant to help us remember our ultimate salvation in Christ. Join us online and on Facebook Live on Thursday, April 9, 8pm as we prepare our hearts and minds for Easter. We’ll spend time reflecting on and remembering the faithfulness of God, as we learn more about the history and meaning of the Passover and the Last Supper.

NOTE: We will save time to take communion. For you and anyone else that will be watching with you, be sure to have some elements – bread (smaller pieces of bread, pita chips, crackers, etc.) and juice (doesn't just have to be grape juice) – to participate in communion. It's not about having the "exact" elements, but rather the heart behind and the thoughts we ponder during this symbolic, but sacred practice.

Contact: Erica Hart 574-268-0188 x232