Every driver in the Indy 500 depends on a team. A pit crew. The pit crew knows the driver and the car well. They are in constant contact, lap after lap. And when it is time for a pit stop, the crew springs into action. They know exactly what to do — working in harmony to get the driver back on the track to finish the race, striving to win. Together.

We, at WCC, want that kind of team for our Missions Partners — teams of specialists who are familiar with and passionate about a partner’s work. A pit crew who will pray for and communicate with their partner while they’re on the field, and know exactly what to do when they come home. A small group community, working in harmony to support their partner in ministry — to help them finish their race, striving to win others for Christ. Together.

WHAT IS A MISSIONS PIT CREW? A Missions Pit Crew is a small group organized for the purpose of serving a specific missions partner through informed prayer and growing relationship.

WHY ARE MISSIONS PIT CREWS IMPORTANT? Serving God vocationally is a challenge. Our partners are engaged in a spiritual conflict. Whether serving here in Warsaw or in another country and culture, it’s important for our partners and their work to be understood and consistently lifted up in prayer. In the process of being used by God, you will grow in faith!

• Meet regularly with your crew to learn about, connect with, and pray for your Missions Partner and their work.
• Pray for, and communicate with your missions partner on an individual basis regularly.
• Engage in this ministry of encouragement for one year.

• Research and pray about which Missions Partner to crew with.
• Attend events like Missions Prayer and Missions Night to help you pray, gather information, and meet potential partners.
• Make your choice and fill out the Pit Crew Response Card 

Questions? email Mike at mboze@warsaw.cc or 574-268-0188 x255