Scott Greene

Pastor of Communications and Innovation (2016)
574-268-0188 x235


While he confesses to not being able to paint a portrait or play a musical instrument, Scott uses words and stories to bring artistry to communication. Scott serves as WCC's Teaching Pastor on the weekends, while overseeing WCC's Creative Arts Department throughout the week. Leading a team to leverage creativity and communicate WCC's mission and values is his passion. Give Scott a bucket of tennis balls, a waffle maker, and an obscure Old Testament character and he will craft a message that will make you laugh, cry, and (hopefully) discover something about God's love for the world.

Scott and his wife Deanna have four children: Aaron, Isaac, Ellie, and Audrey

Childhood Dreams: Work at Walt Disney World
Favorite Movie: The Secret Life of Walter Mitty
Fears/Phobias: cheese, bubbles, glitter, snakes
Best Part of Working at WCC: I love seeing people "get it." I love hearing stories of people's lives being changed forever by Christ and His love for them.