Greet others when they first walk into the building and guide them wherever they need to go… Whether people are first-time visitors; looking for Sonlight, the Espresso Bar, or a specific Bible study; or wanting to learn more about upcoming events and classes at the church, greeters find out their need and then connect them with the appropriate people and resources.
Biblical Examples:
• Barnabas was one of the first believers to welcome Paul into the faith, coming alongside him, introducing him to other believers, and getting him connected (Acts 9:26-27)
• Abraham, when he saw three men standing outside of his tent, went out and welcomed them, offering to get them something to eat and drink (Genesis 18:1-5)

Baptism Check-in | (as needed per baptism, up to 3 events per baptism)
Welcome and register children and adults for our baptism classes and celebration. Our two baptism classes are offered twice each year in the winter and summer.
Contact: Erica Hart, x232

Baptism Greeter | (as needed per baptism, up to 3 events per baptism)
Warmly greet the children and adults attending our baptism classes and celebration. Our two baptism classes are offered twice each year in the winter and summer.
Contact: Erica Hart, x232

Front Door Greeter | (once per month, ongoing)
Greet people as they enter church and offer assistance regarding information or ministry locations if needed. Escort first-time guests to various ministry locations.
Contact: Francie Harrold, x224

Women’s Ministries Event Greeter
Greet women with a warm, friendly smile at Bible studies and women’s events. 

Contact: Erica Hart, x232

Sonlight Check-in (4x per month, 1 service, every other month)
Enthusiastically welcome and register children and parent(s) into Sonlight. May also escort visitors to rooms, monitor safety of Sonlight hallways, and report concerns to the Sonlight Administrator.
Contact: S
onlight, x240

Seating Team | (once per month, ongoing)
Welcome guests as they enter the auditorium and assist in finding available seats. Help collect offering, and pass communion elements when needed.
Contact: Francie Harrold, x224

Coffee/Tea Serving | (once per month, ongoing)
Serve coffee and tea and make people feel at home at WCC. It is our goal to show God’s love through serving people well.
Contact: Francie Harrold, x224

Info Center Team | (once per month, ongoing)
Help welcome new guests, answer general questions, manage distribution of various resources, assist in event registration/money collection, or distribute special event materials. Volunteers serve once per month, Sunday morning services, for approximately 1.5 - 2.0 hours, based on their availability.
Contact: Amber Gelbaugh, x258

Lobby Host/Hostess | (once per month, for 6 months)
This role is for an out-going person who has the gift of engaging and helping people. The host/hostess is assigned to the main lobby, and; trained to recognize people who might be new and/or need assistance, willing to ask information gathering questions, guide and direct people to different locations in the building, give information about new guest opportunities, and in some cases, follow-up with people by phone, email, or notecard. This role requires a six month commitment, but you can recommit for additional terms.
• Sunday Service Host/Hostess: attend a 1.5 hour training; work one Sunday per month, and a “fifth Sunday.”
Contact: Carissa Metzger, x219 

Parking Team | (once per month, ongoing)
Provide a friendly welcome to guests as soon as they enter WCC's parking lot, ensure safe, efficient traffic flow and help guests find parking spots as needed.
Contact: Francie Harrold, x224

Hispanic Ministries Team (varies, as needed)
Be part of a new team that will help provide the linguistic and cultural bridge for the growing Hispanic community at our church, while being a hospitable and understanding resource of faith and leadership. Opportunities for translation and interpreting throughout WCC ministries is needed.
Contact: Sam Pena, x216