Support and encourage others during difficult times or situations... This may involve praying for them, bringing food, or helping to care for a specific individual over a period of time.

Biblical Examples:
• Epaphras was a prayer warrior for the 
Colossian believers, constantly praying for them and interceding on their behalf (Colossians 4:12)
• Dorcas (also known as Tabitha) was a woman who was known for constantly doing good works and helping others (Acts 9:36, 39)
• Friends of Mary and Martha gathered with them to mourn their brother’s death, consoling and supporting them during their time of grief (John 11:31)

Baptism Shepherd | (as needed per baptism, 3 events per baptism)
Walk alongside someone who has decided to get baptized throughout the baptisms classes and celebration to listen, encourage, and pray for them.
Contact: Nate Metler, x218

Sonlight Special Friend | (every Sunday, ongoing)
Assist children with emotional, physical and/or developmental needs during regular Sonlight programming.
Contact: Beth Fehlmann, x251

Community Care Helping Hearts Volunteer | (as needed per event)
Come alongside families during a time of illness, birth, death in the family or any other time of need. Involvement may include any or all of the following: sending cards, preparing meals, house cleaning, and helping with funeral dinners.
Contact: Monna Baum, x260

Community Care Hospital/Extended Care Visitation Volunteer | (varies depending on situation)
Visit and encourage individuals within our WCC family. This could include hospital, nursing home, or home visits.
Contact: Jeff Pfeifer, x261 

Community Care Prayer Partner | (weekly)
Partner in intercessory prayer for the specific needs of the Community Care Ministry; i.e.: healing, strength, comfort, and encouragement.
Contact: Monna Baumx260
Women’s Ministries Prayer Partner
Support Women’s Ministries by praying for various aspects of events and classes. This is vital to our ministry. Prayer needs are shared through email. 
Contact: Erica Hart, x232
Stephen Minister (as needed, based on length of commitment)
Committed believers with the gift of caregiving and compassion are trained to walk alongside those that are hurting.
Contact: Nate Metler, x218
Missions Pit Crew (as needed, for at least one year)
Gather with others to prayerfully support, encourage, and guide missions partners regularly while they are serving and away.
Contact: Mike Boze, x255
Hispanic Ministries Team (varies, as needed)
Be part of a new team that will help provide the linguistic and cultural bridge for the growing Hispanic community at our church, while being a hospitable and understanding resource of faith and leadership. Opportunities for translation and interpreting throughout WCC ministries is needed.
Contact: Sam Pena, x216