Share God’s Word with others… These volunteers teach or lead discussion with the curriculum provided for specific adult Bible studies or children’s classes. They usually love to learn, research, and communicate God’s truth to others, teaching them what the Bible says and how it is relevant to our lives today.

Biblical Examples:
• Aquila and Priscilla were a husband and wife teaching team who made sure that others understood the Gospel correctly (Acts 18:26)
• Paul often spoke boldly about the Kingdom of God, staying in one place for a period of time 
until he was able to appropriately teach the 
individuals there (Acts 19:8-10)
• While Ezra the priest read the Law, several men stood throughout the crowd of Israelites to help people understand what the Law meant (Nehemiah 8:7-8)
Adult Ministries Group Facilitator (varies per event or meeting times)
Help guide the conversation within a group, sharing God’s truths, while being inclusive and inviting for all. Curriculum and teaching support is often provided.
Contact: Sarah Neel, x231
Sonlight Large Group Leader | (once per month, ongoing)
Share God’s truths in fun and creative ways in a large, age-divided group setting. Curriculum and teaching support are provided. This is a once per month position all weekend services.
Contact: Beth Fehlmann, x251

Sonlight Early Childhood Storyteller  | (once per month, ongoing)
Teach basic Bible concepts to Walkers or 2-year olds with a fun hands-on curriculum using familiar nursery rhyme tunes. Curriculum and teaching support are provided. This is a once per month position all weekend services. 
Contact: Beth Fehlmann, x251

Hispanic Ministries Team (varies, as needed)
Be part of a new team that will help provide the linguistic and cultural bridge for the growing Hispanic community at our church, while being a hospitable and understanding resource of faith and leadership. Opportunities for translation and interpreting throughout WCC ministries is needed.
Contact: Sam Pena, x216