Student Ministries

COVID-19 UPDATE: We’re gathering again in-person. However, some ministry activities may remain online or be a combination of in-person and online gatherings. Currently, masks are still required indoors where social distancing can't be observed. Be sure to read all the details about any guidelines on our Church Updates page, and anything specific to events on our Upcoming Events descriptions. If you have any questions, please feel free to touch base with the appropriate ministry contact.

At WCC, we love our students. It’s why we work so hard to create environments and opportunities that, no matter where a student is spiritually, they can safely ask questions, learn more about Jesus, come to understand what their “next steps” may be as they grow in their faith, and develop positive, caring relationships with friends and adult mentors that truly want to walk alongside them as they approach adulthood.

Middle School and High School (7th – 12th) students are invited to join us for Youth Group, special events, and missions opportunities, as we encourage them in their next steps toward Jesus. We believe this happens best in the context of authentic and caring relationships, where students are provided leadership, connections, and experiences to navigate the challenges of the teen years, and grow closer to Jesus and each other as they mature into adults. Trained small group leaders, partnering with parents, mentor and connect with our students throughout the year.

NOTE: For Youth Group, we will meet most Sundays throughout the 2020/21 school year from 6:30-8pm, with an optional hang out time starting at 6pm. Starting at 6:30pm, High School and Middle School will be split up to each have a large group lesson followed by a small group session to discuss the teaching further. Dinner will NOT be served this fall and we will re-evaluate again for spring.

To participate in Student Ministries activities, we need students and parents to complete the welcome packet, which contains health information, parental consent, and a review of our code of conduct covenant. We want students to understand and abide by the codes in the conduct covenant. To the right of the page, there are multiple ways listed to be in contact with the Student Ministries Staff should you have any questions or want to stay up to date with our events.