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What to Know

Community Life ESL is a volunteer-based community language program aimed at helping adult students build conversation skills through relationships in their community in a natural way and in an engaging environment.
Each course is designed to bridge the gap between the school, WCC and the limited-English speaking community using volunteer instructors from our local schools and conversation coaches to lead round table discussions, practice conversations and share their stories.
The 10 week course is designed to encourage our conversation coaches to live out the hope of the Gospel through language and community and help our adult students develop deeper relationships in the community as a normal part of the learning process.

Upcoming Events for Serving

Community Life ESL Childcare Volunteer

This weekly, 90-minute commitment involves having fun with elementary age children of the Community Life ESL students.

Community Life ESL Conversation Coach

Engage in English conversations around the table with 4-5 adult students for 20-30 minutes per class, no Spanish experience r

Community Life ESL Food Volunteer

Help donate water and snacks for our adult ESL students and their children to enjoy during the class.

Samuel Peña

Pastor of Hispanic Ministries

574-268-0188 x216

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