We offer numerous events to help you take a next step in your spiritual journey, grow in your faith, or connect with others. 

Family 2 Family Project
thru Sunday, January 28


Family 2 Family Project

Family 2 Family enables your family to reach out in love to an impoverished family overseas. Malnutrition statistics around the world are staggering and the sad reality is that several children will die over the next hour. Involving your entire family in this project will enhance your awareness of hunger and provide an opportunity to respond. WCN has served thousands of needy people around the world. Thanks to your partnership through F2F, we will help thousands more.

Through local churches WCN distributes empty plastic boxes. Families fill the boxes with items on the list and return the filled boxes back to the church. Collecting the F2F box is only the beginning of WCN’s work. Our mission includes delivering the food box to those who need it most.

F2F mission distributions are completed by participants like you who say “yes” to God’s call to serve. WCN offers numerous short-term mission opportunities through-out the year. The experience will change your life!

Visit the World Compassion Network display in the lobby between services to learn more about our Family 2 Family Project, summer mission tripsand pick up Family 2 Family boxes, along with filling instructions by Sunday, January 28. Please return them to WCC filled by Sunday, January 28. 

Interview with Josh Grill about Family 2 Family

Contact: Josh Grill 574-527-2677

Sunday Prayer
Sunday mornings
10:15am in Fireside Room


Sunday Prayer

Join us between services on Sunday mornings at 10:15am in the Fireside Room to regularly lift up specific areas of focus in prayer. The weekly topics will center on the following areas...
Week 1: Missions
Week 2: Vision, Direction, and Leadership of the church
Week 3: The Growth of WCC (our people and partners)
Week 4: Future Generations of the church (Sonlight, Student Ministries, and Young Adults)
*Fifth Sundays will be open prayer for current needs within the church at that time.

Contact: Todd Gerst 574-268-0188 x226

Welcome to the Neighborhood
meets monthly 3rd Tuesday
7-8:30pm at Main Campus


Welcome to the Neighborhood

Are you new to the Warsaw area? Would you like to meet and develop some friendships with other women who are willing to guide you as you discover more about your new community in Kosciusko County? Let us help, and “welcome to the neighborhood.”

Meeting monthly, third Tuesday of the month, 7-8:30pm at Main Campus

Contact: Laura Robertson 574-268-0188 x217

The Quarter After
during the 15 minutes right after each service


The Quarter After

Are you new to WCC? Join us for “The Quarter After” – a casual opportunity during the 15 minutes right after each service when you can meet our teaching pastor at the front of the auditorium and get to know us a little better. Just come to the front of the stage after the service and we’ll introduce you. We look forward to meeting you.

Contact: Lori Early574-268-0188 x219



Discovering WCC
Sunday, March 11, 2018

10:45am at Main Campus, Room 261

Discovering WCC

Want to know more about the church or how to get connected? Discovering WCC is a casual, one-hour class offered during the 10:45am service on Sunday, March 11. It is designed to give you an overview of the vision and mission of Warsaw Community Church, and assist you in getting to know some of the pastors, staff, and our different ministries. Got kids? Feel free to check them in to our Sonlight Children's Ministries.

Contact: Lori Early, 574-268-0188 x219