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Posted by: WCC

From Friday, May 3 to Saturday, May 4, over 100 couples attended WCC’s “Two Becoming One” conference, focusing on strengthening married couples in their relationships. The two-day event was led by Mark and Jennifer Mitchell, who are professional marriage counselors with a faith-based practice in Warsaw.

After an evening session on May 3, attendees returned for the day on May 4 to continue learning how to be more Christ-like and operate in God’s design for marriage. Couples took advantage of the nice weather during breakout sessions by pouring into one another through conversation outside and around the WCC campus. Volunteers also played a large role in the success of the event, with childcare workers watching children for Friday’s session and even the Warsaw Community High School football team coming in to do setup before and teardown after the conference.

“So many good seeds were planted and watered,” commented an attendee at the conference. “My husband kept remarking on how well the timing, the rhythm, and the overall atmosphere came together— it was all so perfect. No doubt what was learned here will continue to touch the lives of couples as they invest meaningfully in each other!”