Serving Opportunities

Serving God by serving others is something we desperately need in order to be spiritually whole and healthy. A distinguishing mark of a follower of Christ is a life lived in service to others.
God has given every Christ-follower specific spiritual gifts that allow us to serve each other and grow closer to Him. These gifts are unique expressions of His grace to us, ways we can encourage one another and be the church.  
If you're not sure about your spiritual gifts, we have an online assessment that will help you discover your gifts and learn how to use them. How exciting it is to find out how God has uniquely designed you. Once you discover your spiritual gifts, dive into the skills and categories that correlate to your gifts to determine the many places you can SAY YES. We created a special chart that will help you align your gifts to the serving opportunities at WCC.
Just remember, the best way to develop your gifts and skills is to use them, hone them, and practice them. Not all roles will be a perfect fit, and that's okay. You'll discover the roles you feel most aligned with and encouraged by over time as you jump in. The key is being obedient to the fact that God gives us gifts so we are prepared and enabled to serve. 
If you would like further help exploring your spiritual gifts, consider taking our Discovery Series course. We hold it three to four times per year, and it gives you an opportunity to learn more about the vision and mission of WCC, dive into what your spiritual gifts mean, along with how to use them, and how to get connected with others at the church. Contact our Connections Coordinator, Carissa Metzger to find out more.