Life on Mission Challenges

Our world is in desperate need of hope, compassion, and love. Never have we seen this more clearly than the last few years. Not only have we been experiencing racial tensions, political polarization, and a global pandemic with economic reverberations, but mentally and emotionally, millions have been left feeling isolated, anxious, and fearful of the future. Yet we have the answer. We have the good news of Jesus Christ. And together, we can change more lives, influence more families, and impact more neighborhoods with the grace and mercy of a God who deeply cares for us. 

And that’s why we want WCC to be a place you’re inspired, equipped, and mobilized to live life on mission. We want to encourage you and give you practical examples of what it looks like to show the love of Christ and share the hope of the Gospel wherever you live, work, and play.

Over the next year, we’re going to issue monthly challenges designed to move you towards a life of outreach where relationships can be developed and trusting friendships formed that provide you opportunities to make an impact in our community and share your faith as well.

November: Know Your Story

November: Know Your Story

To share the hope of the Gospel with those we interact with, we need to be able to articulate clearly what Jesus has done for each of us, and our own personal story of transformation. Writing it out and practicing it with people who we trust will be beneficial for when the Holy Spirit prompts us to share.

  • Week 1: (Life on Mission Intro Video) Let’s exercise those outreach muscles as we share the hope of the Gospel wherever we live, work, and play. 
  • Week 2: (November Know Your Story Video) Use the instructions and resources at to write out your story.
  • Week 3: Start verbally articulating your own story. Have both a shortened version to briefly introduce your faith and a full version for lengthier conversation opportunities. 
  • Week 4: Set up a time with a trusted friend to practice sharing your story.