Reading the Bible Together
When we spend time in God’s Word, we’re getting to know Him. We’re also maturing in our faith. Regularly spending time together with God in His Word is such a beautiful, life-giving thing. And just as it benefits us as individuals, when we gather together as the church to commit to spending time reading and studying the Bible, something special happens. We’re able to encourage one another and grow together. That’s why we’re launching a new churchwide Bible reading plan. We’ll spend a year reading the New Testament together.

Here are some additonal resources to help along the way:   

The S.O.A.P. Method

Take a look at these helpful tools to guide you during your Bible study and quiet times with God.

S.O.A.P.  (Scripture – Observe – Apply – Pray): Try this acronym to help you during Bible study.
S – Scripture: Take your Bible reading, pray over it – asking for an open mind and heart, and then read through it slowly. God will direct your attention to certain verses or sections. Write these down, and focus your study there. 
O – Observe: What is God showing you in this passage? Are there specific words or events that stand out? Are there any truths God wants you to learn? Consider any warnings, commands, and/or guiding principles. Write these down, and then determine what the overall message God has for you in this passage.  
– Apply: Now it’s time to get personal. How does this message affect your life? What instruction does God have for you specifically? How about encouragement and/or correction? Get a journal or note cards, and write down these personal messages from God. These will be great to reflect on regularly.
– Pray: Prayer is a two-way conversation with God. Pray for wisdom, courage, and perseverance in following through on God’s message. You may find that as you pray over God’s message(s), He will reveal even more that He wants to show you. Be listening and write down your prayers and any additional things God is showing you. 
As you spend time with God, you may need further guidance and help in interpreting scripture, or with your prayer time. Check out joining a Growth Group that provides you the opportunity to grow closer to God and others here in your home church, where you can build relationships and feel safe asking questions. Finally, don’t hesitate to call the WCC offices to speak with a staff member that may be able to help you.