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Alice Alesia Posted by: Alice Alesia

Thirteen members of the WCC church body made the trek to central Pennsylvania to Wayumi Retreat May 5. The group members, who ranged in age from 15 to 66, spent the weekend learning about the Bible’s one grand narrative and overarching theme and discovering how to answer the question “What on Earth is God doing?” The group also listened to stories about how God sends His people into remote areas to plant churches for unreached people groups and spent time developing new relationships with each other as well as two students from Grace College, 12 members of Liberty Bible Church in Crittenden, Ky.—who were part of the WCC group—and the missionaries on the Wayumi staff.

“I feel like I heard the Bible clearly and logically for the first time,” said Shayla Bridgewater, a WCC attendee. “I have never taken in the Bible through the concept of God’s mission. What He wants and how He utilizes Christians was made so much clearer to me.

“I also got the chance to ‘Wayumi,’ which in Yanomami means ‘go live somewhere else at least overnight to do something you don’t normally do, and I loved every minute of it,” Shayla added. “The whole thing was awesome! From the beautiful scenery and sleeping arrangements to the delicious food and engaging activities and educational sessions, the whole experience was awesome.”

“The retreat was a long weekend of amazingness,” said Betty Swanson, another WCC attendee. I loved learning about the Joti and Yanomamo people. I felt like I developed a bond with the tribes even though I have never met them.

“The retreat also opened my eyes to some unbelievable facts, such as how little money is spent to train and develop missionaries—more needs to be done to reach the unreached. I have a new respect for missionaries and the behind-the-scenes crews who help make it all possible.”