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Posted by: WCC

Forty people from WCC attended Wayumi Retreat Oct. 27 to 29 to learn more about their role in the Great Commission. The team, who ranged from age 5 to 75, spent the weekend captivated by seasoned storytellers—who have planted churches among remote, unreached people groups—enjoying the warm weather and fall colors, building community and having fun.

“It was awesome to see so many people from WCC engaged and enjoying the opportunity,” said Mike Boze, missions pastor at WCC. “As a sending church, it is important to understand that in Matthew 28, Jesus was speaking to all of us—not just His disciples. We all play a role in spreading God’s Good News and helping new believers grow in their faith, whether it’s here at home or in the far corners of the earth.

“This group included family, friends and Growth Group members of two of our missionaries-in-training couples—Geoffery and Rachel Vaughn and Kaleb and Ellie Schneidewent—so there was a deeper level of joy, energy and anticipation with this team,” Mike added. “They have a vested interest in learning what God is doing in the global church and around the world.

“Making the trek to the Ethnos360 Wayumi Retreat Center, which is nestled in the beautiful Allegheny Mountains near Jersey Shores, Pa., is the easiest missions trip you’ll ever take,” Mike concluded. “No airline tickets or passports necessary! We hope the entire church will come and share this experience.”

Read what two attendees had to say about Wayumi:

“The Wayumi weekend experience is one that lays out the true meaning of missions,” said Devon Ramlal. “It was a glimpse inside the challenges missionaries face in the field, and it was extremely eye-opening to learn how truly difficult it can be for them.”

 “Wayumi Retreat was an incredible, heart-moving weekend that transformed us forever,” said Doreen Negley. “From the moment we arrived on the beautiful campus in Jersey Shores to saying ‘goodbye for now’ to the staff, it was a weekend of gaining a fresh new perspective on why we, as the Body of Christ, need to be part of missions in one way or another. It’s no longer an option!”