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Posted by: WCC

Approximately 175 members of the WCC church body participated in the Sharing Hope two-part event that took place at WCC Nov. 8 and 15. The goal of the event was to develop awareness, build understanding and foster greater ownership around the call to share the hope of the Gospel where we live, work and play. About 35 volunteers helped make the event possible by serving as greeters, servers or breakout speakers.

Both nights of the event included a large group teaching, breakout sessions and small group discussions that placed a relational and practical emphasis on our ability to live life on mission where we live, work and play.  

“In each breakout, stories and experiences were shared that encouraged and challenged people to live out their faith,” said Nate Metler, pastor of discipleship and a coordinator of the event. “The emphasis was on what the panelists had in common with attendees, so that helped everyone see how they, like the panelists, could share hope where they live, work and play.

“This was a unique event for WCC because a meal was provided before each class, the breakout format was unusual and the tone for the entire event was relational versus educational,” Nate continued. “People got to know new people and were encouraged to practically apply their faith.”

“I love the message that everyone is capable of showing the love of Jesus, wherever they are,” said Holli Deloe, a breakout speaker. “Sharing isn’t dependent on a pastor, a counselor, a teacher or a doctor. God doesn’t play favorites with His people—we all have a role. Every life experience shows us where we can improve. I understand that. I accept it. It’s the way life is. I truly appreciate this endeavor to help us know Christ better and to make him known.”